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Overview of Services

What does the Family Resource Centre offer?

Information Assistance

Staff at the Family Resource Centre can help you to find the information and resources you are looking for.  The staff are available Monday to Friday by phone or you can also call to arrange a time to meet.


Lending Library

The Family Resource Centre is a full service lending library.  Borrowing privileges are available to patients, families, staff and the community. The Family Resource Centre has hundreds of books, DVDs and brochures available for borrowing.


How to borrow books and DVDs?

Books may be borrowed for 4 weeks and DVDs may be borrowed for 2 weeks.  You can easily renew the books and DVDs by coming into the centre or by calling or emailing.

On-line Resources

In addition to books, DVDs and brochures available, there are many online resources that provide up to date information.  The Family Resource Centre staff can guide you to relevant, current and reliable resources.

Information Packages

Family Resource Centre staff are able to gather information for you including resources, articles and links to online resources etc. They will have the information ready for you to pick up or emailed to you, if possible.

Internet Access

The Family Resource Centre has a computer station with free internet access for families to use.

Book Lists

The Family Resource Centre has developed lists of popular books available on a number of common issues related to children and youth. The books and resources on the lists are selected from the collection at the Family Resource Centre at McMaster Children's Hospital. The selection is based on feedback and suggestions from families and staff, and from on-going reviews at the Family Resource Centre.

The material that we provide does not mean that we are approving or suggesting that this information is right for you, the patient or your family. Many of our resources are general in nature, and may not apply to your situation. Your health care professional is the best source of information about your child's health and concerns.